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SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is optimizing web pages to get rank. That allows you to get the visitor, customer, traffic, prospect, client, or buyer into your website.

There are many search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. And interestingly, they all are working almost the same path to give the audience to the specific website or pages.

For example, you’re running a coffee-based business. So you create the content “best coffee house” in your area.

When someone searches for the “best coffee house”. They will get the web page that you created. This is the magical power of SEO.

What is SEO in digital marketing?

Last few years, after the internet got started, global businesses have been massively influenced by digital marketing. 

There is much more marketing channel like SEO in the digital marketing areas like PPC, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, outbound marketing.

Is SEO the most significant part of digital marketing? 

That helps the individual pages rank on the search engine for strangers against specific keywords?

When your users search for specific services, product solutions and help in your niche, and almost immediately find your pages on the Google first page are considered as a search engine rank.

In the digital marketing planet, there is a versatile marketing channel you can explore, where is your brand able to stand above and beyond all. 

Why? Because when you get to rank for specific web pages. 

It will allow you to consistently get free traffic from Google to your website. This increase the visitors and customers to your website.

 So you can make more sales of more products and prominent brands on the search engine.

Multiple reasons are essential in digital marketing that you can explore today. Let’s see what it can bring for your ultimate business success.

Consistent free traffic

The short and most ideal purpose for SEO is consistent free traffic.

Optimizing your pages exactly the way Google or search engines love will get the audience hit in the Search engine and generate consistent free traffic.

Now you may ask, is SEO getting ranked on time?

Will it start getting traffic consistently as we optimize? 

Listen, Just create a system for one-time. It will work congruently and consistently to bring more customers to your website if you commit yourself to get free traffic without wasting your fortune and seeing the power of Google or other search engines. Then noticeably, you can follow along with the SEO science.

Long-term Customers

The beautiful part of SEO is long-term traffic and customers. 

Because as you have the pages grown larger, optimize powerfully. It will bring customers as long as your page is in the first position.

Many researchers said that the first URL on Google’s first page gets 90% hits from the search engine. Where just only 10% goes to all other businesses. This is the ultimate power of Google and its rank today.

And the better position you can confirm, the more you would be able to get the customers coming.

And always remember, Long-term strategy drives marketing to grow uniquely and represent your business online. So your audience gets what they want as well.

Search Engine Branding

Another fundamental benefit of search engine optimization is branding.

Google’s first page means you have the core potential that anyone in the global or local marketplace finds you there.

This means they will know about your business. 

They will explore your business.

They will start noticing your identity on a search engine means you get them.

And when they find your business and love it, they will fall in love with your product and service if you carefully provide them.

More Sales & Revenue

Search engines as digital marketing can hit you more sales when you are long enough in your pages on Google.

In this case, content can be a real game-changer. 

You need content that sells. 

Content that’s highly engaging and the audience’s core needs.

Content that is massively impactful to meet the audience’s desire and close their expectation.

Because it’s an open secret that almost everyone knows, more target traffic means more customers, more quality customer means more sales, and organized sales always hit the revenue button within the shortest period.

How does it work?

SEO works based on optimizing your website, web pages, content, URL, and site performance so that whenever any user is looking for your service or product, search it on Google, find your page on Google’s first page.

For example, you choose a keyword for a particular page like “best boutique house”.

Now you create, design, and optimize your pages using the boutique house images, similar languages and other relevant elements that are connected to the boutique business.

Now someone searches on Google and finds your pages searching the “best boutique house”.

This is exactly how SEO or search engines work for your better digital marketing and business development.

What is keywords research for SEO success?

Keywords are the basement for every form of SEO success. 

It is also used for Google paid advertising as well. 

The keyword is the core code that allows someone to get specific information about a particular topic on your business website. In general, there are three types of keywords known for their SEO engineering. And those keywords are an EXACT match, Phrase match, and broad match keywords.

EXACT match anything your users search and exactly optimize your page that way.

PHRASE match is if particular phrases of your keywords match the user search that you created the page with.

Finally, the BROAD match keywords are the keywords that close the similar intention of your users that you created the page for.

Most expert SEO marketers use exact match keywords for SEO.

Every web page you get on the Google Rank is somehow somewhere designed and optimized with the keyword. 

Because your keyword tells Google, who is this page designed for? Where will they get the user’s best information from that?

As users read, watch or explore any specific content based on SEO optimization. It proves your website has very profound information and guides in a structure that helps prospects to reach the particular page. And keyword exactly drives the page in front of the audience needed.

Grandfather of internet marketing, Ken MacCarthy, said,”  It was the dream for a copywriter to search for specific words and content and anyone on the planet from anywhere gets the accurate information from there, so you don’t need to go anywhere else.”

And the keyword is the game for above and beyond SEO success. Keyword your website or web pages almost always fail to get rank on search engines.

Every keyword has its value, demand, and volume for a specific market. If you choose the right here, you will get more traffic on your side. If you choose the wrong keyword for your website with the largest competitor, then it will get less value from search engines.

Before choosing the keyword, you have to know how valuable your keyword is for a specific industry, niche, or market.

Choose those so your web page, so your web page gets the rank you need.

To accurately choose the keyword, there are many tools online.

The best tool created by Google is called keyword planner.

You will get it on the Google ads platform, where you can choose the keywords that your business currently needs and higher demand to the users. 

Experts advertisers also use it for Google paid advertising like Google PPC. You can get the Ad group, CPC cost, keyword volume for a specific location, and many more.

The best part is you have so many keywords like Long Tail Pro. Keyword finder, Uber Suggest, Keyword Revealer, and many more.

Every expert uses tools based on their needs because not everyone is looking for all the tools to find their keywords. 

And it’s almost impossible to think this way to choose all the tools to recharge your keyword using paid. Only an agency or large-scale business can do that. But for personal reference, preference one and two is mostly enough.

Ultimate illustration demonstration and elaboration of the keyword strategy is to; if you want your SEO to empower to get the fastest result you want. You always need keywords. 

The better the keyword list you have, the more pages you will get ranked, and the more you discover a winner strategy to go along with your audience’s expectation for building the brand online.

What is on-page SEO mean

On-Page SEO is everything inside the website, such as functionality, features, and other foundation. 

Where one page totally rules your website instructor, that automatically gets search hit.

Your category of the product and services defines the on pages. 

It’s based on the web pages, URL, domain name, keywords optimization, header optimization, meta, content structure, images, content simplicity, and internal linking. 

On-Page is speed, canonical, map, optimization, local optimization, etc.

Anything that happens directly inside your website, web pages, or blogs is considered your page.

What does off-page SEO mean?

Off-page SEO works as the opposite of on-page. This means everything outside of your website you do for rank or traffic is considered Off-page SEO.

For example, if you are doing a guest post or find your niece-related website and ask them to link yours, that would be Off-page optimization. You are doing everything outside your website. But link it to your website. So it gets the rank from Google.

Because when Google says your website is linked up with other valuable websites considered as an of page.

Countless pages you can see as Off-SEO are commonly guest posting, guest blogging, forum posting, backlinking from common places, forum commenting, and many more.

Off-page is the second step to pursue after optimizing your on-page.

First, you optimize your web page URL, page speed, and canonical sitemap submitted on Google, and optimize the content.

Then you connect your specific pages to the other authority niche website. So Google feels they are suggesting you mean you are good at something. And when Google watches it repeatedly. It will start noticing your website has the element the audience needs. This way, your website will get more search engines from top to bottom.

What does technical SEO mean?

Technical SEO means optimizing your server and website so that it can be necessary to crawl Google to get your website rank.

It’s a technology that allows you to design, articulate, modify and monetize your website based on the search engine direction. As a result, you will get more rank on the search engine.

The website has so many technical problems that prevent the search engine from crawling your site.

As a result, you may do everything right. Still, your side doesn’t get the rank you need to. But when you optimize the technical part of the SEO inside the website and connect to the server, then it will automatically gain a position from Google.

What is google local SEO means?

Local SEO is a very specific Google searces result where any user who searches a term locally for your product service will get your map, location, and website on the first of Google.

It’s mainly based on a specific location.

If anyone searches that location, the website and the business will show in front of them.

For example, say you have a coffee shop. 

Now, someone who needs coffee in your area looking for the best coffee shop near me will find your location by Google and the map address. 

So the consequence of local optimization is you locally optimize your website and business in such a way that it can show you Google and your audience exactly where your business is located. And any of your users who search the service of that specific place will find it more easily.

SEO – Pros & Cons

Now, as you understand a little bit about SEO foundation and how it’s connected to digital marketing then, I would like to share some real advantages and disadvantages as well. 

So you’d easily discover if the SEO is right-fit for you, or start it as soon as possible if you want to.

Advantage of SEO

Strategic Direction

Online marketing development mostly follows a strategic direction. It’s because you cannot get the result almost instantly from everything you do. But as I like you to strategically moves slowly and intensely. When you optimize your SEO, it will allow you to install your system strategically. So it is naturally strict for long for your brand and business as well.

More marketing success

SEO is the larger part of digital marketing where long-term free traffic is consistently possible. 

If you invest in SEO on time. It will work for a long time because SEO is not a tree that gives you the fruit you want now as soon as you can create a consistent profound structure. The easier it will be for you to enjoy success from SEO investment.

Search engine branding

The most effective way to brand your business long-term is just by executing SEO. If you focus on the long-term brand of your business, you will see that most online pages come through the big brand, whereas small companies rarely exist. 

In this case, you can optimize your website and web pages correctly. It will help your audience to know your brand through the search engine.

Measure marketing performance

SEO is one of the greatest ways to track your marketing performance. How do the visitors respond? How long do they stay on your website? How long they read your pages and buy from you, and many more. You can put more keywords based on your audience’s desires. Based on their needs and wants. Based on their problem and solution. The more you put SEO-focused content into your website. The more you get the result to measure what’s working or not, the way you can move forward and make the right decision for your advertising success.

Organic Credibility

SEO builds online credibility. As you search on Google, you will see the first 5/3 pages are, most of the time, ads.

This is paid way to reach your customer. As long as you keep the paid ad running, you will get the traffic and sale, which cost huge. 

But having your page rank on the search engine means you gain a long time of organic trust and credibility. So your audience will see you as a trusted agent for their solutions to their specific needs.

Challenges of SEO- The Con’s

Nothing in the digital marketing world carries all the benefits and wisdom. There are some disadvantages as well where you have to pay more attention and understand if it is for you. In this lesson, we will go through that. So you can have a very fair SEO strategy to stop or start. 

Long-term goal

SEO never wins the instant war to get the rank, conversion, or sales of any kind. It always has the long-term goal to accomplish and strategically move to the market. Because every page as you optimize takes three months to years long to get the page rank.

Where if you ever get worried about the page rank, it will naturally harm your result on the bottom line. 

Before you get started, make sure you have the process for long enough to get the result you want to produce from your actions and activities.

Track & Testing

Almost every marketing you can imagine articulating needs to measure and track results. Because if you don’t track your result, you will never know what’s working and what’s not and what needs to be done in the future. 

In this case, you have some tremendously powerful tools like Google Analytics to understand what kind of content or offline activities give you more results. 

And the more you track that, the more you discover who is on what for your business on the search engine. 

So you can move forward with a successful strategy that naturally matches your ultimate business goal.

Consistent work Procedure:

So many businesses I see earlier have no plan for the future. They believe SEO is a short-term shot to success. In reality, it’s the opposite.

SEO is nothing you do in the morning and forget in the evening. You have to keep it pushing beyond your competitors. Because you need a better Page Rank, Domain Authority from your current market. Unless your SEO strategy fails on the flood and never stands out. Plan yourself and your SEO work for a consistent long-term procedure. So it can move slowly but always powerfully to get the edge of your success.

Find new ways

As you discover the power of SEO, you almost never find any of the strategies almost always work for everyone, every website, every business, or brand.

You can imagine you have to find a new voice, new strategy, new procedure, and new techniques to build your own that you can apply for your SEO activation or execution. And the more you can find your SEO success, the easier your work procedure will be to get your rank within the shortest possible time.

Maximize capacity

Don’t just fall in love with one area or two areas of the SEO execution process for long.

Find an expert execution system. Install it in your arsenal and maximize your SEO performance capacity on the bottom line.

So that you can deal with any competitive market on Google, any niche you think your industry needs any customization for your SEO focus and performance.

Commit to developing your strategy and performance style for better results and future accomplishments.


Finally, as you check some advantages and disadvantages of SEO implementation, almost every marketing strategy happens. 

Because if you go through the page, you have to deal is some tremendous obstacles that can reduce your time and cost where you need to adjust some new possibilities for ultimate success.

So from our experience, exploration, and expertise, we discovered that if you find it more beneficial than paid advertising where money is the main game but never stable long. Then you obviously can move forward with SEO.

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