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Welcome to the website of Bangladesh’s top SEO professional. I’m Aminul Islam Sonet, a professional digital marketer and SEO expert from Bangladesh who has completed training at the Moz Academy and has a solid understanding of Google Analytics and Google Ads.

I’ve been employed as an SEO Professional in Bangladesh for a considerable amount of time, and I currently offer the greatest SEO Service in Bangladesh. I have a track record in SEO, have worked in the marketing and advertising sector for a while, and I’m constantly learning new things. There are many SEO experts in Bangladesh, including me, if you look at the profile of an SEO expert in Bangladesh. But compared to the other SEO Experts in Bangladesh, my services are significantly superior and distinctive.

About Me

SEO Expert & Data Driven Digital Marketer

I have worked for a well-known SEO service provider in Bangladesh throughout my entire career and have benefited from their wealth of knowledge. With my wealth of knowledge, I made the decision to found my own SEO business in Bangladesh.

For the past eight years, I have been employed in Bangladesh as an SEO expert. I have not only worked for businesses in Bangladesh to offer my SEO services, but I have also trained SEO professionals there. I taught SEO in Bangladesh at various SEO training facilities there. Among all the SEO firms in Bangladesh, my profile as a top SEO specialist enjoyed enormous popularity. It is crucial for an SEO service provider in Bangladesh to be aware of and possess all the competencies required of an SEO specialist.

Advance SEO
Advance SEO 90%
Local SEO
Local SEO 95%
Content Writing & SEO
Content Writing & SEO 90%
Google Ads
Google Ads 85%
Tracking & Analytics
Tracking & Analytics 90%
WordPress Customization
WordPress Customization 85%

Hire Me As Your SEO Consultant In Bangladesh

If you want to grow your startup business and are looking for an SEO expert in Bangladesh, you should be aware of SEO tactics and the fundamental Google ranking factors. Then, in order to score higher, you must adhere to these ranking parameters. Millions of new websites or businesses are launched daily in the modern world. They are engaged in an unseen conflict at the same moment. Strive to launch your website on Google, Facebook, or other internet platforms. And each website or business needs at least one SEO expert in order to prevail in this conflict. In Bangladesh, there are several independent contractors that identify themselves as SEO specialists. However, none of them genuinely possess even the most fundamental understanding of SEO or how to offer any SEO services in Bangladesh. It would be a mistake for your company to hire freelance SEO experts with such a profile. This is the reason I made the decision to train as a local SEO specialist in Bangladesh and assist individuals who want this SEO service there. I provide various services that consumers or organizations need in addition to SEO in Bangladesh. Additionally, I provide services like the best content writing services, digital marketing services, site design, and development services, local SEO services, e-commerce SEO services, and other services that need any kind of online marketing.

With the help of my knowledgeable team, I am currently providing SEO services in Bangladesh and have elevated over 100 websites to the Google search engine’s first page.

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My Best SEO Solutions Bangladesh (BD)

SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing Service in Bangladesh: For more than 5 years, I have been giving websites search engine rankings. I go above and beyond SEO Service & Data Driven Digital Marketing in Bangladesh to provide every client with the best results possible.

Service for SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing Consultation: Is your website not appearing in searches? No guests? Slow loading? What to do, I know! I’m here to provide you with SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing consulting in Bangladesh.

SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing Training in Bangladesh: SEO Expert BD is the finest option if you’re looking for high-quality SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing training in Bangladesh. I’ve finished 50+ batches successfully, and 500+ pupils are currently employed.

SEO Expert BD Service

SEO Audit & Consultancy

The SEO Audit and Consultancy team exists to identify, assess, and resolve problems. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 5 years, consulting with more than 100 business owners just like you.

Blog Article & Content Writing

Blog article & content writing is the act of creating blog articles and other content through posting, typing, and compiling in-text materials, such as text or images.

Web Design Development

The internet cannot be contained in a single medium and has to adapt to the latest developments. Web design today is much different with regards to load time, speed, SEO features, and more.

Advance Digital Marketing

If you're having trouble with the growth of your business, it may be time to change your marketing strategy. New technology has opened up a number of possibilities for growing your business and it's not always necessary to invest in a costly marketing campaign.

Lead Generation & Email Marketing

If you're having trouble with the growth of your business, it may be time to change your marketing strategy. New technology has opened up a number of possibilities for growing your business and it's not always necessary to invest in a costly marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A marketing tactic known as social media marketing, or SMM for short, tries to spread brand messages as far as possible on social networking sites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a lucrative way to enhance website traffic There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of SEM, but one of the most important is ensuring your website is catchy and compelling enough in order to attract users.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Payment is made each time an ad in which the advertiser's logo appears is clicked. This is called pay-per-click (PPC). It's an alternative to "earning" those visits organically; it's a form of paid traffic.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is also called intent based marketing. Customers learn about your brand, visit your website to learn more, show interest in your products, and, in the best case, buy from you because of your inbound marketing.

Our SEO Working Process


An SEO audit will give you an overview of your site’s performance and let you know where there are opportunities to improve. You might find that the website is performing well in search engine rankings, but could be doing even better. You’ll also be able to compare your current ranking with other similar sites. Analyses

Analysis is a professional review of the look and feel, content, usability and design, traffic patterns, etc. of a website to determine its strengths and weaknesses. The analysis can be used for advertising and marketing purposes, as well as for a website’s own QA process, we provide these kinds of analyses to our clients regularly. 

Competitor Research

The first stage in effective marketing is to comprehend your own product and be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. However, you must also comprehend the competition if you want to be competitive. You’ll need to research your rival to accomplish this. This is a crucial step in marketing because it gives you an idea of what they are doing right and wrong in the industry. It’s also a very important part of developing copy for your business.

Keyword Research

In order to find the best keyword ideas, we need to look for one that is closely related to our main business. In most cases, this will be the name of our product or service. Nevertheless, if your service or product does not even have a name, keyword research may have missed it. . In order for you and your company to succeed, you need to be aware of all the keywords that could relate to your company, brand or product.

On-Page SEO 

On-page SEO is the best strategy to use if you need to rank better in search results. That’s because on-page SEO is all about what you can influence, namely the content and layout of your website. Although search engines don’t solely rely on the content of a website to display their rankings, their numbers and algorithm has become increasingly reliant on the number and quality of unique articles it displays. That’s why it is important to invest time and money into on-page SEO so that your articles have the best chance of ranking high in search engines.

Technical SEO

The term technical SEO is used to describe a procedure to make your website friendly for search engines . It involves optimizing your website, site’s pages and designing or building your website from scratch. It makes use of the technical knowledge you’ve gained continuously throughout the years and using that knowledge to the project you’re working on, whether it’s a mobile app, a game or even blogging.

Blog Article

In order You must have a blog in order for search engines like Google to find your website. A blog article is what you might call a single post on your blog. It’s usually made up of one or three paragraphs about something specific. Blogs are a way of publishing content online in an easy format that search engine crawlers will find and index.

Off-Page SEO

Some SEOs might scoff at it, taking its legitimacy as a joke. On-page SEOs care about optimizing the user experience and building findability through keyword optimization. Off-page SEOs focus on external elements like content marketing and backlinks 

Local SEO

Local SEO is more than just ranking on Google. It is about aligning with your customer and making sure that they find you, no matter what device they are using. User behavior has changed drastically in the last few years and local search has evolved as well. You should consider Local SEO if you want to be successful in your business.

SEO Expert BD #1 SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing Services In Bangladesh

The most crucial factor in boosting a local business’s website or blog’s traffic, Alexa ranking, and Google page rank is SEO. Due to this, website owners invest money to promote their sites or to rank them on Google’s first to fifth pages. But for a reasonable price, we can get your website or blog onto Google’s first through fifth pages. In addition to SEO Service in Bangladesh, we also provide other digital marketing services like Facebook advertisements, Google ads, YouTube ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, and content marketing. We can be your dependable SEO Service in Bangladesh partner.

We can provide you with SEO services in Bangladesh and SEO Consultancy Service Also if your website has been operational for a while but does not show up in search results, has no visitors, takes a long time to load, displays confusing errors, and other similar issues. Our Bangladesh SEO Service Includes:

Maximum Results: Targeted traffic, #1 Google rankings, conversions, and an increase in online sales.

Return on investment: The best strategy for SEO Service in Bangladesh, taking into consideration timing, profitability, and investment ratio.

An integrated project development strategy, including enhancing conversion, working with analytics, site usability, commercial and behavioral aspects, and generating and refining content.

Advanced SEO Techniques for your project include: Our analysts, in-house monitoring system, and tested, pertinent understanding of search engine algorithms were used to construct our SEO strategies.

Different SEO Services In Bangladesh In BD

In my Bangladeshi SEO firm, there are several sorts of SEO services offered. I can offer a range of SEO services in Bangladesh as a competent SEO specialist there. According to the sort of website or business they are involved in, many clients require various SEO services. Each SEO operates in a particular way. The methods are distinct from one another. Despite certain commonalities, the variances in each SEO technique are crucial for ranking. Every tactic is used for a different goal.

I have experience offering all the different kinds of services as an SEO professional in Bangladesh. I’ve dealt with a variety of clients throughout the years who came from various company sectors. I learned about various SEO services through the range of clients I had. I made the decision that I would need to become an expert in various forms of SEO in order to work in Bangladesh. I began receiving extensive SEO training from many SEO training facilities in Bangladesh. These SEO courses have been quite beneficial for me.

I felt more confident in my ability to offer various SEO services in Bangladesh after seeing and experiencing numerous forms of SEO services. Working for numerous SEO firms in Bangladesh helped me develop this confidence. Except if you work at a Bangladeshi SEO service provider firm, there is no exception for gaining practical experience. I made the decision to launch my own SEO firm for small businesses after spending a considerable amount of time working with Md. Faruk Khan at Bangladesh’s SEO company. As a result, my Bangladeshi SEO firm offers a variety of services.

Why You Should Pick Me As Your SEO Expert In Bangladesh

Here are some explanations of whether you should use me as your SEO service provider firm in Bangladesh. Am the greatest SEO Professional in Bangladesh. For the reasons listed below, my SEO firm in Bangladesh is without a doubt the best. I don’t skimp on quality, which makes me the top local SEO specialist in Bangladesh. Here are the explanations.

There are a plethora of approaches to building an SEO-friendly website structure. We, on the other hand, begin by sketching out the overall layout of the site. Think about the order of the information and the navigation bar, keeping in mind, of course, what our client wants. 

The point being made here is that there is no set rule for structuring a website in such a way that it is search engine friendly. A hospital website’s elements may not work for an IT website. Simply put, this means organizing your website’s visuals, content, and other elements in such a way that Google’s spider can easily crawl the site and find relevant information.

Consider Google’s recent algorithm changes as well. Throughout the process of creating a website and distributing its content, we strive to maintain a sense of unity. Does your website need an overhaul to make it more user-friendly?

In 2021, Google’s core web vitals will be based on a user-centered approach. Loading, interactivity, and visual stability are the first things you should focus on to make your page more enjoyable for visitors. The goal of eCommerce SEO is to increase the time spent on an e-commerce site. Your website’s Dwell Time (or simply “time spent”) measures how long users stay on your page before returning to the search engine result page.

In order for your website to rank well in search engines, it must have a poor user experience and a low dwell time. The search engine results page (SERP) is the better choice for its user journey.

So, you should hire a reputable SEO firm that can help you give your users the best experience possible during your SEO campaign.

The user activity on your website will directly be impacted by the way you are structuring and developing your content. It’s crucial to comprehend the user’s intent and utilize the language they are most likely to use.

Annually, Google is making adjustments to its algorithms to accommodate consumers’ search intent. The component of Google’s core algorithm known as Rank Brain chooses the most pertinent search results for the user’s search terms. You need to grasp the Google search intent in order to fully appreciate the Rank Brain. During that time, many games are played.

The goal of Google is to provide users with the most relevant results, and our aim is to provide them with important data that is both simply accessible and practical for them and that is correctly aligned with their search intent.

It’s crucial to study all the competitive elements in order to optimize the performance of the site and stand out from the SERPs competition.

Additionally, the procedure is ongoing. Always be aware of the direction that our rivals are taking, and contrast their SEO with our own.

We carry out thorough competitor analysis, gathering crucial information on their strengths and shortcomings. Make it possible for us to outperform the competition, and we’ll modify some tried-and-true tactics to continue to be successful. We are Bangladesh’s top-ranked SEO service provider because of this.

Increase your online presence so you can dominate the competition. With a sophisticated SEO Competitive Analysis, we assist you in getting started.

Training For Advanced SEO & Data Driven Digital Marketing In Bangladesh (BD)

In my capacity as an SEO professional in Bangladesh, I have worked for businesses as well as offered SEO training in Bangladesh. Due to a large number of SEO specialists in Bangladesh, SEO training is a vital industry. However, you should be aware that not all SEO specialists in Bangladesh are able to provide the best SEO services in Bangladesh. In order to deliver the greatest SEO service in Bangladesh as a supplier of SEO services, it is crucial for me to only have the top SEO specialists in Bangladesh on my team.

Since I am an SEO expert in Bangladesh, numerous SEO firms in Bangladesh have requested that I come and provide SEO training there. The local businesses were convinced by my SEO expert profile to employ me as their SEO trainer and provide the right instruction to those who want to embark on this life-changing journey. Many crucial components and aspects go into SEO. I know all there is to know about SEO. As a result, I am able to provide the right SEO training in Bangladesh as an SEO expert in that country.

When you decide to enroll in SEO training in Bangladesh, you will see that many SEO businesses there promote by offering large discounts. Do not fall into their irresistible trap. You won’t learn anything because the training’s quality is really unacceptable. As a result, you will have gained nothing. Your goal of working as a local SEO specialist in Bangladesh will therefore crumble like glass.

As a local SEO specialist in Bangladesh, I offer the most secure training to assist freelancers to learn everything there is to know about freelancing and make sure you develop into a real SEO specialist in Bangladesh.

Because they don’t practice once they complete the training, the majority of freelancers in Bangladesh fail to succeed as SEO experts. They also lack a great deal of practical knowledge, which is a crucial component of SEO training in Bangladesh. This is why I build a large portion of my SEO training in Bangladesh on practical sessions. The practical information that you get to observe and put into effect for yourself, in my opinion, is the finest method to gain experience. Based on this, you may actually learn everything there is to know about SEO via your SEO training with me in Bangladesh.

Keywords Research Mastery
On-Page SEO Mastery
Technical SEO Mastery
Blog Article SEO Mastery
Off-Page SEO Mastery
Local SEO Mastery

SEO Expert BD Portfolio

As An SEO Expert & Data Driven Digital Marketer In BD, I Provide SEO Consultancy Services:

SEO consulting is another service I offer to my clients as an SEO expert in Bangladesh. Numerous businesses and independent contractors are new to the SEO field and have their own projects. They seek a Bangladeshi SEO expert to serve as a consultant and show them how to properly do SEO.

The freelancer advances in his or her quest to become an SEO expert in Bangladesh by gaining expertise in managing a project from beginning to end in this way. I have finished several assignments as a seasoned and skilled SEO specialist. I am fully capable of managing a project on my own.

For numerous SEO firms in Bangladesh, I have served as a consultant. I gave them my entire assistance and helped them successfully achieve their SEO mission. The businesses I worked with in Bangladesh as their SEO professional are now listed on Google’s first page and are generating sizable profits from their operations.

They are currently in a highly secure position in their company area and get more visitors than they had previously. For businesses looking for assistance with internet marketing, SEO consulting is a crucial service. And I’m here in Bangladesh as your go-to SEO expert to get your business up and operating.

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